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Translate with LearnBoost!

Thianh Lu // December 13th 2010 // 

Bonjour, Ciào, Hola and Hello! LearnBoost is proud to announce that our site will soon be home to over 70 languages. Our newest feature will allow for any user to help translate our website to any language. As a startup, we don’t have the resources to open up local offices or hire folks to translate our site. At the same time, we want to make sure that anybody who wants to use LearnBoost is able to use our free gradebook and lesson plan software. For instance, over the past few months, we have been surprised and delighted to find that we are growing quickly overseas and have become quite popular in India. Our hope is that this feature encourages more folks to try out the best gradebook in the world!

When developing this feature, we learned a lot from Facebook’s implementation but also took some efforts to improve upon it. Here’s why the LearnBoost translation feature is cool:

  • Easy to use – We put a lot of emphasis on taking out the technical complication. Unlike Facebook, users never see any HTML or even need basic knowledge of HTML. We preserve our HTML tags by enclosing these terms inside of a token.
    • A token represents a word that contains a special property (e.g. a link or formatting in bold). Users can edit these terms in line as well. These are the types of tokens.
    • Editable – This beige colored token represents a phrase you can edit. Simply place your cursor or press tab to edit the Token.
    • Non-editable – The gray colored token represents a phrase you cannot edit. Simple edit the text before and after this token.
  • Languages don’t all translate left to right – Our input box allows for the flexibility to re-arrange phrases so they correctly match how you would say it. For instance, “Welcome to LearnBoost” translated to Japanese is “Learnboostへようこそ” . Simply edit the text as you see fit.
  • Simple voting – Up vote or down vote translated phrases as the community will help censor and curate all the new terms.
  • New terms – Terms will get added instantly as new features get added to LearnBoost. Our system continually crawls our website to see if new terms are available. If we release a new feature, these terms will automatically get added to your queue.

Many sites that offer crowd sourced translation only offer the ability to translate from English to some other language. But WAIT! We are hard at work on creating an extension that will allow for a user to translate any language to any other language. For instance, if you are a spanish speaker who also dabbles in Japanese, you will be able to translate from spanish to japanese on our system. That particular feature is coming soon, so for now you would still translate from English to some other language and back!

We have rolled out robust help documentation by creating a Translations FAQ section. We also created a detailed How to Translate with LearnBoost video that you should check out. Please note that we are currently rolling out with a limited set of languages, if you do not see yours here, please contact us to request it. Once a language is fully translated, you will be able to select the language you want to see LearnBoost in. Join our army of translators and help us make our free software available to everyone!